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Is your motorcycle sleek and slim, lacking the storage space you need for a trip into the great outdoors? Motorcycle camping luggage can allow you to have the ride you love while carrying all the supplies you need for a long weekend in the woods. Pack everything from your clothes to your first aid kit in a combination of our motorcycle camping luggage pieces.

Warm, dry clothes are a necessity on any camping trip. Keep your clothes and vital documents dry in a dry bag. Try one that has separate pockets for wet and dry items so you can change and go if you find yourself soaked from weather or pulling a fish out of the lake. In good weather, store your rain jacket in a dry bag and pull it out when you get caught in some rain. You’ll be able to keep the clothes you’re wearing dry, as well as the extra clothes you have stored in your motorcycle camping luggage.

Tired of carrying your small items in your pants or jacket pockets? Keep your toothpicks, nail clippers, silverware and your wallet in a tank bag. A small bag that sits on your tank will help you keep an eye on your smallest necessities. Our motorcycle camping luggage is diverse in look and function, allowing you to customize your luggage selection to your length of trip and desired activities. From your toothbrush to your motorcycle camping tent, our motorcycle luggage can carry what you need for your outdoor adventure.